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Welcome to the latest addition of our shop-from-home platforms! For those that don't know, Lucid Minerals is owned and operated by Aidan Rueckl (myself), and Christina Swanby. We've both been interested in minerals since we were children, but within the last few years our appreciation has grown to what some would call... an obssesion. So much, that the majority of our time is dedicated to all things minerals! Whether it's researching reputable sources, processing new additions to our inventory, photographing specimens (which I have grown quite fond of), field collecting, or traveling accross the country in search of new and exciting finds to present. 

We decided to create this website not only as a way for our valued clients to browse the finest minerals we have to offer, but as a tool. We will catalog our entire collection, along with each item that has sold through the website for your viewing/referencing pleasure. This way, if ever you come across a piece in your collection that you’re unsure of, there might be a chance we have a similar sample in our logs! 

We put a lot of work into this page, and hope you find some joy and excitement browsing our collection! 


-Aidan and Christina

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